Thursday, March 19, 2009

Canadian happened, one didn't...

Canadian Pine Cone Cheese Ball
(adapted from

16 oz. (2 8oz blocks) of cream cheese, softened
2 Cups of Canadian White Cheddar cheese (aged 2 years or more)
sprinkle Goya's adobo (with pepper) to taste...Ok.. I know it's not Canadian but we're a multicultural country and besides, it's just good with everything and it's a staple in our Canadian household! 
Check out:

Wishful Deviled Eggs:
ONE (count'em ONE) diced shallot...3 is WAY too many for a dozen eggs!
Hellman's light mayonaise (about 4 tablespoons)
Dry mustard - 1 teaspoon of Coleman's- is there any other?
splash of horseradish to taste

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