Sunday, August 16, 2009


So, it took awhile to get France off the ground and I'll take the blame for it - so much rugby! Please notice I did not say "too" much rugby! However, we were able to work it all out with holidays, summer vacation and "early preparation" ie, preparing to be away from work.

France, the land of wonderful wines, incredible apperitifs, and invincible food. Wow. This was the best installment of the AlphaGourmet Club yet! Our appetizer recipe is AWOL at the moment...ahem...but our entree and our dessert (to only call it dessert is really an injustice - it was divine) recipes are ready to go.

Oh, and we made this small discovery of Ricard apperitif from France. Actually, Alicia just invited us in to her little secret. It's also good on carmelized peaches as we discovered a few weeks later!

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