Thursday, January 21, 2010

Italy Photos

Well, I guess the photos are better late than never... Here are quite a few from our excursion to Italy, hosted by Bill and Alicia from Littlestone but held at complicated!

A closeup shot of Alicia's fine pasta making skills.

Bill made Italian welcome placemats for everyone. They had a translation on the back and were appropo for each diner.

To the left are the frying rice balls - they didn't really need a whole lot of frying oil to cook which was nice! I think I did manage to set off the smoke alarm, though. I seem to be getting good at that :(.

Just a few of our wine options....

Above: Alicia making fresh pasta with her handy-dandy pasta maker with me looking on in the background. Not sure what I'm so excited about - perhaps the other bottles of wine in the background.

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