Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spain - Ceviche to start

Good evening gourmands! About a week and a half ago we visited Spain and enjoyed many culinary delicacies. Funny story: due to the fact that I tweeted about visiting Spain, one of my colleagues asked me last week how I enjoyed my visit - since I travel a lot for rugby, it didn't seem that out of the question that I may have actually gone there for the's too bad that wasn't actually the case!

In lieu of an actual visit, I feel like we had a wonderful experience with many Spanish foods. I am just going to post one of the appetizers tonight. It's called Ceviche and is actually raw fish that is cooked using only freshly squeezed lime juice. Added onto a bed of what essentially amounts to guacamole, it is extraordinarily flavourful. We highly recommend it!

Recipe can be found below or at:

You can use almost any firm-fleshed fish for this Spanish influenced dish, provided that it is perfectly fresh. The fish is 'cooked' by the action of the acidic lime juice. Adjust the amount of chilli according to your taste.
Serves 6

1 1/2 lb halibut, turbot, sea bass or salmon fillets, skinned (we used sushi grade salmon)
Juice of 3 limes
1-2 fresh red chillies, seeded and very finely chopped
1 tablespoon olive oil
For the garnish
4 large firm tomatoes, peeled, seeded and diced
1 ripe avocado, peeled and diced
1 tablespoon lemon juice
2 tablespoon olive oil
2 tablespoon fresh coriander leaves

Cut the fish into strips measuring about 2 x 1/2 inch. Lay these in a shallow dish and pour over the lime juice, turning the fish strips to coat them all over in the juice. Cover with a clear film (plastic wrap) and leave for 1 hour.
Mix all the garnish ingredients, except the coriander, together. Set aside.
Season the fish with salt and scatter over the chillies. Drizzle with the oil, Toss the fish in the mixture, then replace the cover. Leave to marinate in the fridge for 15-30 minutes more.
To serve, divide the garnish among six plates. Spoon the ceviche, sprinkle with coriander, and serve.

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