Thursday, December 29, 2011

From Russia with Love...and yumminess

So, we finally made it to 'R' of the alphabet and the last six months of delay are almost entirely my fault. My sincere apologies to my AlphaGourmet mates...seriously, just too much time on the road. Thank goodness I love what I do and all of you are supportive of my endeavours!

Interesting, there are many similarities between Russian fare and Canadian...I suppose we do share a similar geography so it's not entirely unreasonable. So, apps fell to Rob and I and we decided to go with the prototypical Borscht and then some smoked salmon and caviar...except finding caviar in Kingston is apparently easier said than done at Christmas time. Rob tried the "go to" local place called Cooke's but even they were sold out of the good stuff! So, we settled for the "low-end" caviar. It still tasted good, especially with whipped cream cheese and capers.

The Borscht recipe is from I used a homemade vegetable broth and also some sodium reduced beef broth. It seems like many soups have too much salt and even though it's probably the flavour I love most, it can be overwhelming. It was surprisingly easy to make and very much like an average broth based soup that I make whenever I need to clean out the fridge. Beets are a bit of a challenge to grate (wear an apron!) and add excellent flabour.

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