Thursday, December 29, 2011

Italy Redux

For our birthdays in June (Rob's birthday and my birthday fall one day apart), Rob decided that he didn't want to go with the original plan of Russia for 'R', and instead preferred to revisit our Italian repast. It was a fabulous meal and Rob's sister, Megan joined us for the evening, too!

So, the Italian Redux meal had a wonderful cocktail to start - the Negroni. This is a relatively simple 1-1-1 recipe with one part gin, one part vermouth and one part Campari (bitters). Finish with a twist of lemon or orange. And, try not to drink too many or the Chianti won't taste as good at dinner...but I wouldn't know all.

The dessert was Tiramisu...although I never did get the recipe! However, anything that is soaked in any sort of liquer is likely to taste rather good!

Next post will have the Italian appetizers and mains included.

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